How Managers Should Treat Staff To Ensure Jaw-dropping Success

Managerial positions are complex and challenging. In order to be successful, managers need to the backbone of any company – staffs.
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November 7, 2022

Being a manager of a business or department is a great achievement. You would have worked hard towards achieving a promotion, which you deserve. Now your entire outlook within your working environment has changed.  

You are no longer just responsible for completing your daily tasks, you are in fact responsible for your staff and their performances. How you treat your employees can directly determine the results that your department achieves.

A big part of being a manager is the ability to lead your staff and your department towards your goals and overall success.  

The approach you take towards communicating with your staff is crucial. It is so easy to get caught up in all the pressure that you can quickly come off as being a bad person to your staff.

Looking bad in the eyes of your staff can inevitably be counterproductive and can hurt your department's results. This is why we have come up with a few tips that all managers should consider if they wish to lead their team to success.

The Ability To Impress Both Sides

Most managers are faced with difficult goals set by their superiors. They must complete challenging tasks, sometimes at all costs.  

Because of this, some managers then become relentless with their staff to achieve what was set out by the company directors. This method of management may work in impressing the company directors, but it will take a strain on your employees.

A successful manager does not only have the ability to impress directors, they also know how to lead their employees. They make time to accommodate for any irregularities that their employees may face when working towards a goal.

They don't just dismiss any problems that their staff might be experiencing and then demand results. Instead, successful managers assist their staff in attaining their goals. Managers who are only focused on their employer's needs and not their staff’s needs run the risk of being labeled a puppet.

If you are a manager, you must be aware of the fact that your staff is discussing your leadership behind your back. If you come off as someone only concerned about your employer and yourself, then it can make you look selfish, which is terrible for morale.  

Focus on being more of a team player, in this case, a team leader who respects his fellow team members.

You're Not Superhuman or Invincible

Don't let your ego get the best of you. All too often we see managers who behave as if they own the company. This isn't a good look, especially with your staff.  

Always thinking that you are the smartest person in the company will only restrict yourself and your team.

Being a know-it-all means that you will not be open to suggestions from anyone. The staff that works under you will be forced to work according to your methods.  

Being open to new ideas can benefit both you and your staff. You never know, someone may just have a much faster way of completing a task than you can.  

This can be an opportunity for you to learn something new as well.

Manually reconciling two large accounts with each other could take hours, even an entire day.  

You could insist that this is how your staff should complete the task, or you could listen to the guy who knows how to insert a formula into MS Excel and finish the task in an hour.

Be One With Your Staff

Some managers develop an entirely new persona after being promoted to their new managerial position. This is a completely natural transition that is duly required as you will now have to behave as a person with authority.  

However, it is easy to become consumed by that authority.  

New managers can easily fall into the trap of developing a superiority complex. They clearly segregate themselves from the staff members that work under them as they are inferior to them.  

It is recommended that managers and staff try to get along as best as possible without causing too much of a divide between each other.

It's best to try and balance your actions and persona. Be an authoritative leader as well as a supportive one. Treat your staff well by motivating them to achieve more.  

This is much better than treating your staff as if they are inferior to you in every way. This will just cause conflict in your workspace.

Know When To Take a Step Back

As a manager, knowing every aspect of your department is indeed a requirement. Ensuring that all tasks, goals, and targets are achieved is also a requirement.  

However, hovering over your staff as they work in order to make sure that they are getting the work done can be demotivating.

No one appreciates another person who continually micromanages them. Micromanagement only restricts workers and in turn, destroys creativity.  

If you hired someone to do a job, then let them do it. If you can't trust them to work on their own, then you should not have hired them in the first place.

It is crucial for managers to be able to realize when to step back and let their staff do their work.  

You don't have to physically witness every aspect or transaction that transpires within your department. Point your staff in the right direction and watch them accomplish their goals.

Managerial positions are complex and challenging. There's no cruising to victory here. You will be required to go above and beyond at times.

These are usually the times when you will need your staff the most. That is why you should ensure that you maintain a great relationship with the people you work with.

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