Top 5 Affordable Video Editing Apps for Your Content

Discover the top 5 affordable video editing apps to create stunning content on your smartphone. Perfect for beginners and pros alike!
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May 20, 2024

A video remains the most interesting type of content for social networks in the running year. YouTube, Facebook Reels, TikTok, and Instagram are on fire with their millions of video-based content assisting their users to create beautiful material every day.

The best part is that not all rising content creators use sophisticated software programs and costly laptops. Many companies and people create excellent video content with nothing but a smartphone processor.

Moreover, with changes in internet use, people around the world now have uncapped data plans which allow for easy access to video streaming in an affordable manner.  

Therefore, it is not so surprising that video content has gained popularity with the target audience, enabling brands to implement it better in their marketing tactics. For example, as noted by Magisto, which stated “video drives 74% of all Internet traffic”.

The following article will break down affordable video editors for everyone who wants quality without spending all their money. It doesn't matter who you are, these apps offer incredibly strong features so that you can produce impressive looking films directly on your smart phone.


Source: Go Pro

Quik remains an outstanding video editing app in 2024, renowned for its ability to automatically transform the media on your phone into professional-looking music videos.  

If you just have pictures, Quik can help seamlessly combine nicely slipping transitions from picture A to picture B, making a creative and polished video.

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, Quik can turn a batch of photographs and a few videos into a complete video. You just pick your favorite track as audio or leave it slow-to-soft and define the style for picture transitions, leaving everything else up to Quik.  

Its intuitive interface provides a clear path for video creation, suitable even for beginners (or experienced editors who want to knock out quick work).

Quik offers several editing options to enhance your videos. You can adjust the display time of each image before it transitions to the next, add effects, and insert text at any point in the video.  

One of the app's strengths is the ability to output videos in different formats. The output is in a format suitable for displaying Instagram TV (IGTV) videos: horizontal format.

Quik is available for both iOS and Android, with this it is a versatile yet easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to produce stunning videos directly from their smartphone.


Source: Magisto by Vimeo

Magisto has established itself as a leader in video automation software, dating back to the era of the Samsung S3. In the current year, it continues to impress with its ability to create stunning, music-video-like content with minimal effort.  

The app’s ease of use is one of its standout features: simply select your images, music, and style, and you're off!

Magisto utilizes advanced AI to upload your images to its server, where it crafts a video using its intelligent algorithm. The resulting videos are edited to a professional standard, making it feel as if a top-tier director is behind the scenes crafting your content.

The secret behind these impressive edits and seamless cuts lies in Magisto's robust AI, which excels in facial and environmental recognition.  

While being a long-time competitor in the field, Magisto not only preserves its subscribers but guarantees all of them “stellar” video centuries.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Source: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro goes as far back as the most celebrated video editing tool, used frequently by professionals on YouTube and content creators — only rivaled by Apple's Final Cut Pro. Expanding upon this heritage, Adobe has introduced Premiere Rush, a fully mobile version aimed at makers who need to be on the go.

Featuring a simplified and friendly interface for users to streamline the process of building high-quality videos directly from their smartphones, Premiere Rush‘s integrated timeline makes it a plaything to lay out every fragment in an orderly way. As a result, all your clips are added automatically to fit the music you choose.  

The app also includes a robust Freeform editor, making it possible to drag and drop clips. Besides trimming down what part of a video gets shaved off or how much brighter the lighting is, all these features combine to help you turn anything into just about whatever speed-at both ends or in between.

Easily share your creations with built-in options to upload directly to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The software is available on both iOS and Android, making it open for all mobile users who want to create professional levels videos without a desktop.  

No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, Adobe Premiere Rush will remain the source of perfect video content in 2024 and further.


Source: Wondershare Filmora

Splice is another robust video editing application for the iPhone and iPad that is intuitively designed with a clean, straightforward interface.  

It is still the primary editing app choice for any creator given its easy video editing and the professional videos that one can produce. According to GoPro, Splice is an advanced version of its in-house editing application, Quik.

While Quik is perfect for creating quick, music video-style recaps of your pictures for social media, Splice allows for more extensive and detailed video projects.  

All in all, for individuals who are aspiring vloggers or wish to develop professionally crafted, longer videos, Splice is an excellent option. Although Splice is frequently compared to iMovie for iPad, Splice is astronomically better for its intricate elements and simplicity in use among current users.

No matter whether you are just editing a travel vlog, educational content, or creative project, Splice has the potential to help you raise the quality of your videos.


Source: CapCut

One of the top-used tools among content creators is CapCut. It is a mobile video editing application created by ByteDance. This application was launched for such operating systems as iOS and Android. CapCut is popular with beginners and experienced users due to the great abundance of video editing instruments.  

A seamless user interface makes it accessible for editing footage and controlling dozens of features ranging from fundamental elements cutting and stitching media recordings to more intricate components keyframe animation, multi-layer editing, and a chroma-key, or green screen effect

CapCut is also known for its vast number of music, sound, asset options, text, and sticker anime vents that make videos more visually appealing and eye-catching.

The most critical advantage of CapCut is its integration compatibility with TikTok, also a product of ByteDance. As a user, you can share your creation to TikTok without even having to exit the app.  

The videos have free access to such effects and cakes as “Trend maker ever,” making you the master of creation.  

Moreover, CapCut does not restrict your sharing capabilities only through TikTok since you can export your creations in different resolutions and would thus share them through other social networks.  

More importantly, CapCut continually gets updates and up-to-date features to enhance video editing skills. As such, CapCut is suitable for creating both online media videos, and tutorials, and more elegant creations with the necessary capabilities and flexibility to create the video.

Bonus: AI-Powered Transcription Tools

When it comes to video editing and content creation, an AI-powered transcription tool like Ecango can be a game-changer. These tools automatically convert spoken words in your videos into written text, offering numerous benefits that can enhance your projects.

Benefits of Using Ecango

AI transcription tools like Ecango can also significantly impact your video editing and content creation. As the name implies, these tools automatically transcribe the spoken word in your video into written words, giving you many advantages to boost your work:            

1. Accessibility - Making subtitles or captions to your video will mean people who battle with deafness and hearing disabilities can still watch. Additionally, those who desire to kill the sound and still watch the video can. They always want to watch it, but they cannot listen always.

2. Engagement – It is a terrific technique to ensure your audience follows your content. Many social media play videos with sound on the screen to watch them.

3. Enhanced SEO - Transcriptions make your video content searchable by search engines, improving your visibility online.

4. Easy Editing - A transcript can help you quickly identify and edit exactly that part of your video, which is a time saver.  

5. Content Repurposing - The transcript can be used to create blog posts or social media snippets.

How to Use Ecango for Your Video Projects

1. Upload Your Video: Start by uploading your video file to the platform.

2. Generate the Transcript: Ecango's AI will process the video and generate an accurate transcript in minutes.

3. Edit and Refine: Review the transcript and make any necessary edits to ensure accuracy.

4. Add Subtitles: The easiest way to apply the subtitles is to use the transcript and upload them to the video. Numerous popular software applications that were mentioned previously, for instance, Splice and CapCut, allow users to upload subtitle files.  

5. Repurpose Content: With the help of the transcript, a blog post, or SM update from the subtitles given in the previous point to thus increase the impact of the video.

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