Can AI Enable A Future Workforce?

Automating such daily tasks can assist employees to manage their daily routines better.
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October 2, 2018
Pop culture demands that machines will take over the world sometime in the near future. Humans will be replaced by robots and machines that can execute the same job effortlessly and even more efficiently. So far, this hasn’t been the case. The reason isn’t that there is no machines or AI in the workplace (because they definitely are here). The reason for no worldwide machine domination is because AI is beginning to empower our workforce.

Machines today are being used to handle mundane as well as intricate tasks. These are the sort of tasks that are not engaging enough for employees, yet these tasks demand plenty of attention and effort. Automating such daily tasks can assist employees to manage their daily routines better.

This will allow staff to free up more time in order to handle more intense and demanding work. It also doesn’t mean that machines will totally take over the tasks that an employee has assigned to it. They will still need to manage the machine in order to make sure that every automated task is completed correctly.

AI isn't replacing workers, nor is it pushing them away from their work. Instead, AI is here to assist people in becoming more productive. AI is also assisting us in evolving the way we handle our business in the workplace. Let’s take a look at how AI will further evolve and enable our future workforce.

AI Will Always Need Human Help

Can AI Enable a Future Workforce

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Artificial Intelligence will allow companies to automate most of its processes. Even factories can now rely on AI to take part in its products assembly line. However, this does not necessarily mean that human workers will be left without jobs. Contrary to popular belief, robots need human input in order to succeed.

When a person is assigned a specific job, they are responsible for the productivity and execution of their daily tasks. When the same job is assigned to a machine, then the machine will have to carry out each individual task expertly, the same way a human does, maybe even better.

Though, it isn't always that simple, as some tasks aren’t always black and white. Some responsibilities require a human touch or an experienced hand in order to troubleshoot specific yet unknown tasks.

For Example, the US Postal Service has progressively automated its mail sorting over the last few decades now. However, there are still many instances when a machine will not be able to recognize an address on a package or mail. This is when a human will have to step in and rectify.

It is also possible for a human to program solutions into a machine so that it can learn from any human correction. Human supervision is a great way to keep an interaction going between us and the machines.

Humans and Machines That Work Together

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In recent years, the AI trend has shifted positively upwards. This is due to AI being used to assist its human counterparts in their daily lives. For example, companies have begun to use chatbots effectively throughout their websites.

Chatbots are able to initiate a conversation with a customer who seeks advice on a new product. These chatbots can also gather information from leads which can then be relayed to a human sales consultant.

Chatbots also serve as a great way to start a conversation during a support query. The bot can collect the relevant data from the customer whilst they are awaiting a human support agent. People fear that humans will be replaced by machines in the future. This isn’t true given the demand for human interaction.

Large companies offer products and services that are high in demand. At times, it isn’t humanly possible for a group of people to be able to efficiently produce products to meet consumer demand. The same goes for being able to offer adequate support. AI is simply here to help by automating specific tasks programmed by humans.

AI Can Help Create a Highly Productive Workforce

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We are in the Information Age where data is king. AI automation and data collection are assisting large and small companies to enhance their workforce. Finance institutions are using AI to provide insights to staff on financial data received. Some banks are making use of AI to comment on loan applications.

Modern organizations have become more data-driven in recent years. They analyze data in order to make decisions that will grow the company. AI will be at the center of the data with the valuable insights it can be programmed to provide. AI can even offer advice and predictions for future decisions.

The type of information that AI can work in a meaningful way is data such as:-

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Customer and lead generation

Most modern companies have always focused on these reports individually. This has led them to make decisions mostly based on the performance of a single department.

The problem with this is that most staff are pushed to strive for the betterment of the entire business. This means that some staff is not restricted to a single department. AI can also work this way by providing insights tailored to the entire business and not just individual departments.

Staff contributions to other departments can also be traced if they are allowed to log in to other departmental modules and process meaningful work. This can help AI to realize their work in other areas of the business without that work going unnoticed.

The general misconception is that AI and machines will replace workers. This is caused because of the individual tasks a machine can complete. However, humans are resilient and will always be able to offer value to companies. Machines are expensive and are built to complete a single task or two. Humans are passionate and are willing to work harder in order to progress in their careers. Combining machines with great employees will always lead to a winning situation.

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