Advanced Content Marketing Strategies You Never Heard Of

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August 15, 2018

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The way we consume content has evolved. So has the means at which we supply them. Content marketing strategies have taken an interesting turn lately. People are employing some new and advanced marketing strategies directly into their content. And they have been doing this with much success. It’s about time that you considered these advanced content marketing strategies.
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Discuss Controversial Topics

According to Neil Patel, Controversial topics always get people sharing online. It also gets people to click the link to the article or page. One of the reasons why we are drawn to a controversy is because people love choosing sides (even when there is no need to do so). Especially during controversial debates.

No need to start controversy, just voice your opinions. If there was a major controversial event that took place, discuss in detail your feelings towards that event. Also, leave space for readers to discuss further.

It is important to note that you should tread with caution. It is easy to get caught up in plenty of hate if you do choose sides and aggressively oppose the other side. This could cause a negative impact. You rather try and be a voice of reason during this controversial hour as you get to the bottom of the topic.

Create Surveys For Your Audience

Even the best of us run out of ideas for new content. This can hurt your brand if you cannot produce quality content similar to the content that you released before. A great work around this is to ask your audience what they would like you to do next. This will help you find fresh new ideas for content as well as create a satisfying community around your content.

You can ask your audience questions like:-

  • What topics are you interested in learning?
  • What are the problems that you face daily?
  • What products can help you solve those problems?
  • What topics would you like to see me discuss next?

There are many more questions that you can ask that are more relevant to your industry or niche. You can also encourage your audience to submit content for you to review or feature within your content. This will raise community engagement which can translate into more views, hits, and followers.

Reddit is the perfect platform to do this. It is a great place to interact with communities based around your niche. Users on Reddit can suggest content on there. Their suggestions can even spark further discussions with you and other readers. The possibilities are endless when choosing to engage directly with your audience.

Update Old Content

This could mean updating a blog post from last year or revisiting a popular post from a few years ago. This can be done on content that has been proven to be popular in the past. Bring that content back now for your audience to enjoy once again. This can be done by updating the post and sharing it on social media or by creating a new post centered around the same topic.

Search engines tend to favor older posts that have been consistently updated. Also creating multiple posts with a similar keyword or topic can do your website’s SEO wonders. Revisiting previous popular posts by writing a follow-up post is a great way of keeping the content coming.

You could link back to the old post so that the original content begins another surge in traffic. Who knows, you may find new readers who are probably only viewing your post for the first time now.

You can also simply update an old post with fresh new information so when new readers to discover the old post, they are still treated with relevant content. The readers will also appreciate that you take the time to create and consistently update all your content.

Get Into Creating Adaptive Content

In a nutshell, adaptive content means “creating once and posting everywhere.” Create a Blog post that can be summed up in an infographic which can further be produced into a YouTube video and podcast. In other words, choose topics that can be discussed further or are adaptive.

Adaptive Content

Your audience may love your content, but they just don’t have time to sit down and read your blog posts. This isn’t because they are lazy, they just have other work to do. They may, however, still be able to listen to a podcast related to the blog post while they work.

They can't read your article and drive, but they can listen to you discuss your content through the car stereo.

Adaptive content could begin with a blog post that is being viewed in a web browser. The reader would then continue the article on their smartphone because the website is mobile friendly or has a mobile app. This can lead your readers to purchase your products while on the mobile platform.

Create Content Specific To Your Customers Journey

Modern online businesses are beginning to create specific content for their customers based on where they currently sit within the sales funnel. General content such as blog posts, email newsletters, and tutorials are reserved for all new customers that were just recently introduced to the brand.

Content such as customer testimonials, catalogs, and webinars are for returning visitors who have already had a taste of your brand and want more. You can even go deeper with free trials, coupons, and live demos for potential customers who have continued to visit your website but have not yet purchased anything as yet.

This can help you differentiate between the different states of mind of the people who visit your website. You shouldn’t push introductory content onto people who have been visiting your website for years now. Instead, offer them some advanced tips and solutions.

The strategies listed in this article may be unconventional, but they are in many ways modern methods of content marketing. It is important to realize that people consume all kinds of information in so many different ways today. Your message can be delivered to your audience via a debate or blog post on their mobile device or TV. It’s time that you start marketing your content to suit your target audience’s needs.

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