Create Killer Welcome Emails With These Useful Tips

Put in the extra effort in design and watch your email marketing plan take off.
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November 8, 2018
Welcome Emails have become an industry standard. According to Salesforce, 74.4% of consumers expect welcome emails after they have subscribed to a service. Customers who open up a welcome email from a brand are 40% more likely to open up emails that follow. In short, welcome emails can make or break your email marketing campaign. Don't just settle for a generic template. Put in the extra effort in design and watch your email marketing plan take off. Here are some useful tips on how to get started designing a tremendous welcome email.
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Subject Line

It's best to customize your subject line to suit your brand style. There isn't a single generic, tried and tested, subject line that you should be using. If your brand is known for being quirky and smart, then create a subject line that highlights that side of your brand. Doing so will create consistency in your brand.

Consistency is one of the main factors that customers look for in brands. Being a brand that is quirky and casual, only to send out very serious welcome emails can confuse your customers. You won them over with your personality. It's your persona that got them to hand over their email. So why change the persona now and become serious?

However, there are still a few variables that you should watch out for. And number one on the list is to make sure your email does not end up in the spam list. Using words such as “call now” and “buy now” could cause your welcome email to be red flagged. Try and avoid these spammy words when creating your subject line.

Once you have found a suitable subject line that is engaging and within your brand’s persona, you will then have to keep testing. If you are not getting the response that you desire or if your open rates and other statistics are below average, then work on rewording your subject line.

Email Header

A simple header logo with a tagline will suffice. Adding too many items to the header portion of your welcome email can also confuse your customer. The top of the email may be the most important real estate of the email. However, listing every bit of service and product at the top may overwhelm customers.

Your customers may end up doubting their decision to hand their email address to you. Keep it simple, bold and proud. Your customers should be excited to be dealing with you. Show them that they have made the right choice.


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Email Body

First impressions really do matter, and now is your chance to make it count. As mentioned in the subject line, create with the intent of maintaining your brand’s persona. Don't just stick to the generic “thank you for subscribing and hope to see you soon.” Create an email that will be engaging and most of all, spark interest in your customer.

The point of a welcome email is to introduce your brand to your newly acquired customer properly. In doing so, you should at least mention useful information such as the problems that your brand solves and the benefits of being a member of your brand's customer base.

An example for mobile phone stores is to address the problem of customers having to pay too much for mobile data and smart devices. You could say “you never have to overpay for data again.” Some of the benefits that you can include are additional rewards and discounts for loyal subscribers.

The idea is to mention these points and not to over-elaborate. This is not a sales pitch, but merely a welcome email aimed at creating a long-term relationship. Add links to more information about your service. Try not to include too much (or any) sales media in the email.

CTA Button

The call-to-action button is optional. There technically isn't a real need for this button. The reason being, you are just welcoming your customer to your brand. You are also thanking them for subscribing to your service. However, it doesn't mean that you can’t include a CTA button that takes your new customer back to your website.

According to Ometria, the average open rate for welcome emails is between 50% and 86% more effective than other emails and newsletters. This means that your customers are more likely going to open up the first email you send them concerning other email campaigns that you will carry through in the future. So why not take advantage of this interesting fact by including a well designed CTA.

Try to blend your CTA with your message. Don't make it seem as if you are blatantly trying to sell something. An example would be to ask “would you like to know how to lower your mobile data charges?”. Then add a simple “learn more” button below.

This is a more organic approach that offers value to the customer. The benefit here comes in the form of knowledge, so make sure to link back to a well-designed landing page that serves as an integral part of your website’s sales process.

Social Links

If you have a brand that focuses plenty of its energy on social media, then you certainly cannot miss the opportunity to include links to your social network profiles. This can be a great opportunity to gain new followers on your Instagram and Twitter account.

Make sure you only include social networks that you are active on. Including a link to a Facebook page that you have not used in months isn't a good idea. Your customers may follow the link to that profile hoping that it will be of some relevant and unique value to them. If they notice that you are not active on the social network, they may feel let down or discouraged towards your brand.

Stick to the basics and only include the social networks that you are currently using to build your audience. If your brand is presently owning Instagram with its brilliant likable posts, then add a link to your Instagram profile. Let your new customer discover your active Instagram profile. This will allow you to deliver more value to your client.

The points discussed in here isn't everything you need to do to create a highly relevant and successful welcome email design. The content of your welcome email is specific to your target audience. You will have to continue to track, analyze, and test your welcome email overtime to get it just right. Welcome emails have the potential of generating 320% more revenue than any other promotional email. So the benefits are enormous if done correctly. It indeed is worth the time and effort to get right.

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