The Dark Knight Rises: Viral Marketing Campaign

The new trailer had garnered almost 9 million views in a matter of 4 days. It is safe to say that the campaign was a roaring success.
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May 1, 2018

Viral Marketing

And so the hunt begins.

For the fans of the Christopher Nolan's Batman saga, the final installment of this trilogy, is the most anticipated movie of the year. Any tidbit about the movie is lapped up, broken down and brutally analyzed by raving fans across the globe. To cater to their core fan base, Warner Bros. released a new viral campaign this Monday.

An arrest warrant was issued for the masked vigilante known as the Batman. In the last movie Batman took the fall for Gotham's district attorney Harvey Dent's crimes. Now Gotham's police department wants your help in apprehending the caped crusader and bring him to justice. How do we do that? By tracking down graffiti related to the Batman across the globe. The list of locations was provided in the website. For every piece of graffiti evidence found, it had to be geo tagged and shared in twitter or emailed. Every piece unlocks a single frame of the new trailer.

So was the campaign a success?

The fans unlocked the new trailer within hours. It was a brilliant strategy to engage the fans in an innovative way. They all went in a frenzy trying to find the clues, tweets were flying across the internet and #darkknightrises was trending in a matter of hours. The timing of the campaign was also perfect as all the media attention was focused on the release of The Avengers, but the campaign ensured that no love is lost for The Dark Knight Rises as well. The new trailer had garnered almost 9 million views in a matter of 4 days. It is safe to say that the campaign was a roaring success.

Check out the new trailer

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