Elon Musk Talked About Artificial Intelligence on a Podcast

In a 2018 Joe Rogan podcast episode, Musk discusses AI's transformative potential and the pressing need for regulation.
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May 15, 2024

The man who gave the world Tesla and SpaceX and one of the greatest visionaries gets on Joe Rogan’s incredibly popular podcast in 2018.

With a few controversial bits, the main topics are other things, and one of them is technology, humanity, and artificial intelligence. Here Musk speaks about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as both an opportunity and a struggle.

Artificial Intelligence or AI's Pros and Cons

Throughout their meeting, Musk and Rogan continued to anticipate the role of artificial intelligence in our future lives. Like many other people, Musk founded the AI research lab OpenAI but has been concerned about the future of its potential negative effects.  

While there is no point in denying the transformational power of AI in many sectors, it's irresponsible and uncontrolled usage is another problem.

Musk highlights this is the most important risk that should not be avoided. He pointed out that warfare uses lethal autonomous systems, such as AI-guided drones and tanks equipped with machine guns.

Such technologies will indeed bring down casualties for people on one side, however, they start to ask the question of letting a machine decide who lives and who dies. Musk advised AI development should be regulated to avoid unexpected results.

Cybernetic Collective

Musk also shared his view on how modern companies operate as cybernetic collectives, blending human and machine input.  

He explained that companies like Google and Facebook are interconnected systems where humans and machines continuously exchange information.  

In other words, this dynamic generates a collective intelligence, which, in turn, is a powerful and, at the same time, a potentially dangerous tool.

When Rogan asked about sentient AI, Musk replied that we’re not there yet, but we’re always feeding more data into AI. Every time we search Google or interact on social media, we contribute to this collective network.  

Musk’s point was evident: all of us are parts of the AI ecosystem, whether we understand it or not.

Regulating AI: The Call for Safety Measures

Musk has made many comments on the necessity of AI regulation. He once described the current situation as comparable to the early years of motor vehicles, when seatbelts were not yet required.

It took significant loss of life before regulations were implemented. Musk warned that without proper AI laws, we could face similarly dire consequences.  

He suggested that regulations could decrease the probability of AI causing damage to humans and referenced sci-fi concepts like Asimov’s laws of robotics.

Are we cyborgs yet?

One intriguing idea Musk presented was that we might already be cyborgs. He explained that our reliance on smartphones and other devices effectively integrates technology into our daily lives. We carry supercomputers in our pockets, constantly connected to information.  

This degree of incorporation might be the first step toward a more full-blown combination of human and machine, eliciting possibilities for future developments of technology embedded in us.

The dialogue between Musk and Rogan offers an intriguing insight into the world of AI and its consequences for our society. However, Musk’s views remind us that AI can provide significant benefits and we must develop it in a manner based on caution and prudence.

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it can change our lives, the episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast is a must-hear.  

The dialogue presents us with straightforward speculations regarding the function of technology down the road and their impacts and tosses significant concerns in the air regarding the moral standards behind AI usage.

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