Flipkart Wins Again!

Flipkart has created a line of sequel to their existing campaign with kids playing the "elder" role.
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April 12, 2018

Flipkart has created a line of sequel to their existing campaign with kids playing the "elder" role. The biggest winner here is the insight they have based their campaign on - "people find it difficult to buy online."

Harnessing Generational Dynamics: The Impact of Role Reversals in Advertising

They dug deep enough to understand that the basic concern of their business is not in the sale of books, but in the medium of selling. People prefer buying from a brick and mortar store and this issue can be addressed by relating the concern with the previous generation. Also, the reverse roles between generation X & Y is a huge interest factor that makes this ad channel-surf proof.

Simplicity of communicating the concept makes this campaign a true winner. Not many ideas have scope for developing  sequels, but this thought is powerful enough to be extended.

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