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Google Chrome: Tanjore-The Web is what YOU make of it

May 1, 2018

For a company that generates 95% of its revenues through ads, Google has been pretty shy in its marketing efforts, letting its products and its happy users do most of the talking. The tech junta lives and dies by Google, but for the rest of the world who doesn't live on the internet 24x7, its really difficult to connect and invest in Google emotionally. Even Google realized this fact and approached BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty) and so "The web is what you make of it" campaign was born.

The core concept behind the campaign is to showcase the power of internet as a true catalyst of the human movement. A tool to connect, create and celebrate, "WE" the people. Keeping this philosophy in the front, a global campaign was rolled out that captured real life stories where the web had a revolutionary impact.

The below TVC is based on the true story of Tanjore artist G.Rajendran, who leveraged the web to reach out to a wider audience and revived this dying art form.

And it goes without saying that the ad is awesome and if you are still wondering why, then let me enlighten you.

  • It is about the web- Like the tagline says "The web is what you make of it". Brilliant in conception and excellent in execution. The message rings loud and clear.
  • It solves a real problem- Looking at this ad, any entrepreneur will jump up and say "Hey! Maybe I should do this too". How to get more customers or more eyeballs is a problem every businessman faces, and presenting a real story, with a real solution (that worked) will surely garner the right kind of attention.
  • Its not about the technology- It is about the people and their story. They made a 1:30 min ad about a web browser without even showing a single laptop. I rest my case.
  • Its not only about "chrome" - Other Google services like google adwords and google plus are cleverly placed and slot in perfectly with the overall message.

Our team really loved this ad from start to finish. Kudos to Google and BBH India.

If you want to know more about this ad, search for "Making of Google Chrome Tanjore"

Next week I will be covering the other ads that are part of the same campaign Google Chrome: Dear Sophie.

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