Google+ Integration will Revolutionize Internet Search

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April 26, 2018

Google as it is known is "THE" search engine to find anything on the internet. Google earlier launched its social media platform Google+. While Google worshipers immediately joined it, others preferred to remain with Facebook, mainly because of the reason that Google+ was considered boring. As Facebook user numbers started burning the charts, the talk around the town was that Facebook had started gaining on the search engine giant.

Well not anymore. Here is the ace up Google's sleeve. Google today revealed in their blog post, that they have integrated Google+ into Google search.  Starting today, Google+ users, will not be searching the internet alone, they will also be searching within their own social account. Google+ circles, photos, posts, and updates, will be integrated into the search engine. This is something which any other social platform can't even dream about.

What does this mean for a regular user? See this Google video and find out

So when you search for something like photography, or trekking, apart from showing authoritative results on the queried topics, it will also show results from your friends who are interested in photography and have shared something related to photography. The results from your friends, will be clearly marked so as to distinguish between the results from the web, and will only be visible if the post or image is shared with you or the public. Google calls this Search, plus your World.

The integration goes even deeper. If you are logged into your Google+ account and searching for a person by name, Google will now assume that you are looking for a person whom you know, rather than just a stranger. Google+ profiles, will now be part of the search box.  If you are searching for a particular topic, Google will now show results with "prominent people", who are experts in that particular topic. And the awesome thing is that you can follow all these people from the results page itself.

This also will be a crossover of two different streams. Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. This will mean that brands, page owners, and webmasters, need not follow a two pronged approach to improve visibility among people. This will give them a unified platform whereby they can assert their authority and also engage their audience.

This does not mean that Google is filtering out results from other social networks. It just means that Google has access to only one social graph, Google+, and the results will be more relevant from there. This will be a turning point for Google+, it will now remain to be seen, whether this will propel Google+ ahead of Facebook and Twitter.

Google obviously would want all social networking users on it soon. It will now be interesting to see how other social networks react to this move of Google, especially Facebook. Is a 'Facebook Search Engine' in the offing?

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