Google: The Recruitment Puzzle

April 30, 2018

Google always thinks of itself as the smartest company in the world.

The geeky high handedness, the smarter than thou smirk and the devil may care attitude towards competition or towards the market forces. They thrive on innovation and disruption. This attitude trickles down from their founders Larry Page (current CEO) and Sergey Brin and permeates to all aspects of Google. From the beginning their vision was to create a company that fosters innovation and attracts the smartest people in the planet. Now this seems like an obvious fact, Google is currently ranked #1 in Fortune's "100 best companies to work for list", in the past as well Google has topped this list many times.

But roll back the clock a few years, when Google was still the pesky little start-up, with two geeky founders at the helm who had no experience in running a company. The obvious ploy for start ups is to provide stock options, so that when the company hits the big time and goes public, the employees can cash in. But at that time the internet bubble burst and everybody thought the internet business model does not work. That was the challenge that the founders faced. But the numbers were solid for the company, revenue was growing at an exponential rate and they knew they had something special in their hands.

Now to sustain it, they needed smart people. Smart people who believed they were helping make this world a better place. Lofty ambitions for a start-up, but that is what makes Google,Google. So without breaking the bank and spending too much in marketing and advertising, they came up with this idea.

Google Billboard Puzzle

If you are smart enough to crack the code, it will take you to a recruitment page for Google. If you are lazy like I am, then you can Google it for the solution.

Damn you Google !

This was used back in 2004 so this link doesn't work anymore. Google has moved on from such gimmicks, since Google is a big brand in itself that attracts the best talent. Now they use more elaborate recruitment tests, the Google Aptitude Tests are the absolute benchmark for testing not only your overall aptitude and technical skills but also your out-of-the-box thinking.

So are you smart enough for Google?There is only one way to find out ! Crack the code !

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