Digital Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

April 14, 2018

Inbound marketing, is gathering mass in recent times. So, what is this concept?

Inbound marketing, as the name suggests, is a technique of making customers move towards you, instead of you moving towards them. This is an efficient method of generating good leads for business, than the old method of reaching out to a large number of cold leads, and trying to figure out who will pass through the funnel.

Inbound marketing will ensure that the message that you are trying to convey, will reach receptive ears, which are looking for it, rather than random people, who have no intention to act on the said message. Common inbound marketing techniques are blogging, interaction over social media, search engine optimization, and webinars.

Inbound marketing aims at bringing good leads into the sales funnel and this can be assured by creating content that will interest the target audience of the business. Inbound marketing lays great emphasis on content, and this will also affect directly the quality of the leads that you generate out of it. Inbound marketing techniques are also search engine friendly, active blogs attract more traffic. Inbound marketing will also add to the authority of the business, over a period of time.

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