iOS 7 and The Apple Geek

June 2, 2018

Who you are, depends on what you did on September 18, 2013, depending on which part of the world you are reading from, the date and time of the event might differ but more or less it is about what you were doing with you iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Right from the time Apple announced the new version of their mobile operating system, iOS, at WWDC in July, there has been a tremendous response from Apple fanboys, and users. This event also marked the beginning of an excruciating wait to experience the coolest version of iOS.

Social media was buzzling with activity over the past few months, talking about the new operating system. The announcement of the operating system, in my view, kind of overshadows Apple's primary agenda, the release of the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 5C. Why? The answer is simple, iOS comes with many more bells and whistles as an update to the outgoing iOS 6, when compared to the iPhone, the upgrade of which is not all very exciting.

I will not get into the nitty-gritty of the new iOS 7, there is one blog too many talking about it. I will instead talk about what it means to an Apple user. Apple's iDevices, as we know, are cult branded products. Priced at a premium when compared to equal counterparts from other brands, an iDevice, is more of a status symbol, than it is a utility vehicle. There have been many proud announcements by people on Facebook and Twitter, that they have successfully migrated to the new version of the operating system. There were pictures of the update available screen, update in progress screen, the new lock screen, the new home screen, and on, and on, and on. Few non-apple users, also posted in irritation about how their apple using friends were blowing up a software update out of proportion.

I come back to the statement I made as I began this article, who you are depends on what you were doing on September 18th. There are two vast majorities in this regard:

Pro Apple

You spent the most part of the day visiting the settings app on your device, and checking for a software update. If you are a fanboy, you probably spent a lot of time online, and also in real life peer interactions, discussing this update. If you are a developer, you probably were doing beta testing, and feeding Apple with bug reports, which help them better every OS.

When finally the update went live, despite the time of the day, you made it a point to be a part of the first cut, to download, install, experience, and talk about the iOS.

You, are part of the cult. You are the pillars on which Apple stands. You are willing to, and can afford to pay a premium for the finest of design in mobile devices. For you, a mobile device is not just a mobile device, it is much much more.

Anti Apple

You were an audience to a phenomenon not common to you, or users similar to you. You saw people go on and on about a "silly" OS update, you thought they were just being ridiculous. You secretly hate them for being Apple users, which puts them in their sphere. You talk about how your devices are better than Apple's own, and how Apple products are ridiculously over priced. You secretly yearn for a day when your mobile OS update will be so widely talked about.

You also wait for the day when Apple devices would be priced less, which, according to you, is the right price for a value. You probably have not yet experienced an iDevice, and you are just going with the herd by talking against them(Face it, you do! I was one a long time back). You just are not an Apple customer or a fanboy.

However you are entitled to your opinion on things. Go on, talk about it on social media, spark a debate among your peers, punch an Apple boy in his face. You are part of the other majority which just keeps this whole thing so interesting.

Image Credit: Stocksnap

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