Is Django worth learning?​

Django is definitely worth learning, especially if you lack experience with programming.
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June 2, 2020

Django is definitely worth learning, especially if you lack experience with programming. It's one of the most (if not the most) popular Python frameworks, and it's quite easy to learn and will get you up to speed quickly. Basically, if you get familiar with the detailed documentation it offers, you'll be able to build simple web apps quickly.

"Django is a batteries included framework meaning it offers lots of libraries and even an awesome admin panel - ready to go in minutes!"

Python's User-Friendly Syntax

One of the most important advantages of Django is the fact that: it’s a Python framework. Python is a language which is constantly growing in popularity, and for good reason - It’s very user-friendly in that Python’s syntax is clean, simple, and close to actual English, which makes it really easy to read. Also, if you compare the sheer volume of code in Python to perform the same functionality written in a different language (for example Java), you’ll see that Python simply requires much less code, which also makes it easier and faster to code.

As far as the other advantages of Django, this awesome framework offers many essential tools for building a regular app. When you use Django you don’t need to write all of your code from scratch. Instead, there are literally thousands of packages you can import, saving time. In fact, Django is designed with scaling and speed in mind. This means it will allow you to create your project really fast whilst not sacrificing scalability in the future.

Considerations and Personalization in Django

As far as disadvantages go, you need to remember it may be difficult to use Django for apps that are a bit more custom, as Django might be harder to personalize over something like flask, especially for beginners.

I do think it's definitely worth learning, as really customized apps are definitely a minority. In fact, we use Django for most projects in the company I work at, Corptek. Many of our experienced developers love it, and use it all the time. They are not the only ones, too—according to a Stack Overflow developer survey, Django is among the most widely used and loved frameworks (followed closely by Flask.)

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