Microsoft Rebrands with New Logo

Changing brand identity, is both a difficult and tricky task.
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June 3, 2018

Microsoft, the Redmond based software giant has undergone a re-branding exercise, and has changed its logo. The outgoing logo came into effect in the year 1987, and has seen the company scale heights for around 25 years now.

Microsoft Old logo

The new logo is in line with the new design language that the company has assumed, and also coincides with the launch of Windows mobile, and Windows 8 for a slew of devices, and a lot of software upgrades as well.

We examine the changes in the logo, and we find that the new logo is simple, yet elegant.

Microsoft New Logo

The symbol, the colored windows icon, perfectly complements the other products like Office, Skype, and Xbox. While reflecting the simple tile based interface of Nokia Lumia fame. (Nokia Lumia is powered by windows mobile)

The logotype, does away with italics, is clean and straight, hinting at changes at management level? perhaps, to take on the likes of Apple. It is simple and clear to read, much modern than the previous logo.

Changing brand identity, is both a difficult and tricky task. However, by adapting the said design language across all its products, Microsoft hopes to pump fresh blood into the company, giving it the right amounts of vigor, vitality, and adrenaline, to take on the modern day rivals. The logo shall be used by Microsoft for all its future products, and marketing campaigns, and is currently found on Microsoft's website.

Image Credit: Microsoft FB Page

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