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Nexus 4: Google Tries to Sell A Phone That Customers Cannot Buy

April 28, 2018

Dear Google,

You made an incredible product, that garnered rave reviews from tech pundits around the world. Finally there was a product that was worthy of carrying the Google name. For the first time the non-geek population was excited about a Nexus device. They wanted to buy it, they kept throwing money at their screens but nothing happened. They tried again and again and again. Few of us got lucky and sneaked through, the money got deducted from their bank accounts and they waited patiently with baited breaths for the FedEx guy to knock on their doors so that they can get their hands on their precious. They are still waiting.

We get it that you were not expecting such a high demand considering your earlier attempts at selling the Nexus devices. You squarely put the blame on LG for the erratic supply. But you need to accept the blame where its due, we had a horrendous time trying to order the phone through the Playstore. You said, we are experiencing a high volume of traffic and we should try again later. You are Google for crying out loud, not twitter. You are the key that unlocks the internet. What hope mankind has if you start complaining about "high traffic". You simply could have put up a "pre-order" button, that would have helped you out to anticipate the demand and work out the inventory accordingly. But instead we had a silly "notify me when it stocks" button that did not even work.

Now after all this pain and drama, you rub it more on us by releasing a TV ad for the Nexus 4. The whole point of advertising is to inform and entice the customers to buy their product. I can assure you that we are very well informed about the product and you can totally consider us to be enticed. Now we want to buy it. So Google, better get your act together and get the supply chain issues sorted.

Instead of trying to get us "excited" about your product, don't make us "frustrated".

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