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Promise and Delivery: A 'Nano' Lesson

June 3, 2018

You might be wondering what is the key to successful marketing. Is it glamorous ads? Is it out of the roof celebrity endorsements? Is it path-breaking design? Nay! The key to successful marketing is making a promise and delivering on it.

Great success stories do not talk about advertisements or celebrity endorsements as powerful marketing tools that convert to sale. They talk about spotting a need gap, promising to deliver, and actually delivering on the same. Which promise do I talk about? Well if I have to tell you the story of keeping words, I should look back to Tata, which has become a force to reckon with in the markets, and fundamentally the most strong company you can ever see, in terms of values.

Ratan Tata, once made the promise of giving the people of third world country, and the world, a car which is not a hassle to buy, the Tata Nano. When initial announcements were made, the market reacted in different ways, most of them rude, and the most profound remark coming from the chairman of rival car maker Suzuki. National geographic has featured the Tata Nano project, in their series Mega-factories, and you can find the same below.

The episode takes us through the numerable roadblocks which Tata Motors went through, in its journey to deliver the cheapest car in the world. The most significant one being Keeping Costs low.

The other massive roadblock of the project was the stalling of progress at Tata Motor's Singur plant, which forced Ratan Tata and his team, to move shop from there to Sanand in Gujarat, around 2000 Kms away, on the other side of the country.

The numerous challenges faced in the progress of this project, called for keen attention to detail, and inherent delays threatened to put the delivery on D-Day out of course. Throughout the persistence of the team behind the Nano, and the vison of the leader, Ratan Tata, when met with delivery has been accepted as a roaring success.

How many promises do you think, marketers make, and how many do you think, they keep?

Feature image Credit: Pixabay

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