It's Time To Get Your Business Ready For The Mobile Revolution

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October 31, 2018
In some parts of the world, there are more Google search queries on mobile devices than there are on desktop devices. Mobile social media advertising is still affordable, even for small business. However, what is the use of linking to your product’s website if it isn't optimized for mobile users? Below are a few simple design tweaks that you can make to your website to prepare yourself for the mobile revolution.
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Create a Responsive Design

The three most recognized mobile friendly designs are:-

  • Dynamic serving
  • A separate mobile website
  • Responsive design

Google recognizes the “responsive design” as the best design pattern. There are many reasons behind this responsive design which can also be beneficial to your website.

One of which is the option for a single URL. This means that a responsive design will allow you to serve the same content from the same URL to both desktop and mobile users. This also means that Google will only need to crawl just one URL, which makes it easier for them to rank your pages higher in their search engine.

A single URL also causes confusion in a sense that users on desktops can click on your websites mobile link that was shared on social media. This leaves the user having to figure out a way to a desktop friendly version of your website. A responsive design eliminates this confusion as well as the hassle of having to maintain two versions of your website. With responsive, you maintain and focus on the one website.

Responsive vs Nonresponsive Design

Responsive designs allow your website's pages to load up fast and efficiently directly. This is because there is just a single URL to load up on every device format. If your brand does have an unresponsive desktop and mobile versions of your website, then you will need to include a redirect module for mobile visitors to move from the desktop link to mobile. This redirect will cost mobile users a few valuable seconds of their time.

Optimizing Design and Text For Mobile

Browsing on mobile is becoming the quickest and efficient ways of surfing the internet. You can view a website from anywhere in the world through your mobile smartphone's browser. There's no more a need to run back home or to the office to jump to a website.

This is why your website design should try to accommodate for the recent influx of mobile visitors. Work towards making your website's text readable on mobile and your menu and other buttons touch-friendly for thumbs and fingers.

There's nothing more annoying than having to browse an unoptimized website on mobile with tiny text and buttons. This means that the viewer will have to pinch to zoom and scroll to read the text continually. In most cases, the person browsing your website will not appreciate the trouble and will most likely leave.

Using larger fonts throughout your website will give your visitors a chance to have a much better experience when browsing your site. This is why it is recommended to use fonts of around 14px for your body text and 22px for your headline text. It is also important to remember (especially when testing your design) that some devices, such as iOS, will automatically resize fonts that are under 13px.

Mobile Usually Means a Touch Interface

Consider the touch interface of the majority of mobile visitors. People who have the latest iPhone or Google Pixel will navigate your website using their thumbs and in some cases fingers. Mainly if you market your site on social networks such as Instagram.

mobile phone website traffic -2009-to-2018

Source: Statista

The transition from Instagram to your website has to be as smooth as possible. The reason for this is that Instagram allows users to browse your website within its app. So your sites text, buttons, and overall design language should similarly mimic Instagram’s interface.

If a user does link to your website from Instagram, only to come to a page that is suited for desktop with tiny icons and buttons, then the user will have to pinch to zoom in. They will most likely have to click menu items with their fingernails to navigate your website.

Optimizing your websites product page to have large call-to-action buttons suited for touch interfaces is the way to go. Instagram users can then navigate to your website with their thumbs and then tap on your large CTA button again with their thumb. The optimal size for this type of a button is around 44px which is large enough for a person's finger to touch. Make sure there isn't other clickable content in your CTA. You don't want any accidental clicks on other menu items not related to your offer.

Making Use Of Compressed Pictures

Loading pictures on mobile is a troublesome affair. Your website may not experience any issues with loading a high-quality photo on a desktop. However, on mobile, load speeds are affected differently as large images can cause your page to load slowly. You don't want this to happen on your product pages now.

Get your business ready for -the-mobile-revolution

Also, users who browse on mobile have data restrictions. They will not continue to come back to your website knowing that it will cause their mobile data to be depleted. Optimize your pictures by compressing large photo files. You will not lose too much regarding the picture quality, but you will gain significantly with a low file size that amounts to faster load speeds.

The quickest way to compress a file size is to use the Windows 10 accessory “paint.” Just resize the image to a smaller resolution. In most cases, a desktop and mobile device won't need to experience pictures at an insane resolution above 3000 pixels. Some website platforms such as Wordpress also allow you to resize images that have been uploaded. You can also make use of online tools such as TinyPNG to help reduce your image file size.

The total amount of users online on the internet is drastically increasing, even in smaller, low-income countries. This is being done effectively by introducing smart mobile devices to these developing countries. We are headed towards a time when the majority of online users will be browsing websites via their mobile device. This is why it's now time that your site should be able to sell products effectively on mobile.

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