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Samsung Galaxy S3: Designed for Humans

April 30, 2018

Why Samsung why?Why would you want to destroy the goodwill of the Galaxy S brand with such a flimsy marketing.

"Designed for Humans" ,who comes up with that? Our Alien overlords who think of us as petty bugs or Planet of the Apes came to fruition and the apes rule the world now.

A great and marvelous product with a great legacy destroyed by some stupid marketing. The Samsung Galaxy S and S2 have sold 50 million so far globally. The Galaxy S is the veteran launched way back in 2010 and S2 became the flagship product for Samsung by clocking 30 million units sold worldwide in a few months. We all love the product and S3 was already a hugely anticipated product, with 10 million units already preordered.

All Samsung had to do was not to mess it up. But big Sammy tried to pull an Apple out of the box and got a lemon instead.

We all lauded Sammy's efforts earlier with the Galaxy Note, which I fondly call "the elephant phone". Original and authentic. But this one, creepy and scary !

Let me make one thing clear though, there is nothing wrong with the product. The product is exceptional and the features are truly groundbreaking. It is the marketing that has been a big let down. Samsung tried to do an Apple by projecting its product as "Humane" as possible. With a lot of cheesy emotional touches thrown in, but the real bummer is the text and its implication. In this cynical privacy obsessed internet age, where people are slowly realizing how their data moves across the web and how it could be exploited, it is certainly advisable to refrain from using such sentences.

It understands you (so far so good)Shares what is in your heart ( umm okay !)Keeps track of loved ones (Big Brother?)Recognizes who you are (Dont tell the other phones though)Follows your every move (WTF)Sees your best side (Is there a hidden camera, inside the camera?)

The rest is yada-yada. I know this is not how they meant it and I am just having some fun here. but you get the point right, if I am thinking all these things inside my head, I am not focusing on the product or the brand. My thought process is not hooked on the product, brand or the story they are trying to sell. In the entire ad we hardly get a few glimpses of the product, instead we have few people jumping around, being sad/happy for no reason.

It is neither emotional nor it is informational.Why Samsung why?

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