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The Peoples Car

June 1, 2018

Maruti has very recently launched a car called Ertiga, that is fondly known as the people's car. This is a classic example of how brands when backed by a great insight can never go wrong. Of course, this post is written before a test drive, so I am assuming the product is just as awesome.

Move on

The family car is overdone. The concept has been adopted by so many brands that it's past time we moved on. We are a family oriented country. Now move it. This brand recognizes the growing youth population and it's ever growing disposable income. So, here's a car crafted for this audience.

The insight

This advertisement is an embodiment of the impulsive spirit that drives this audience. The stop at cross road and not knowing which direction to take brings out the emotional state that most of us are in. Leaving the map behind and deciding the path on an impulse combines the sense of not knowing where to go in life and the willingness to try it out. Sure in the journey called life, we all pick up friends on the way who go on to play a major part in shaping us. The sense of freedom that is brought out in this 20 seconds quite amazing. And the best part is , they didn't have to shoot underwater as well. This ad has achieved what all communication should aim, make the customers relate to your brand. This immediately ensures your spot in the top-of-mind-awareness.

The acronym LUV - Life Utility Vehicle is a perfect ending to a perfect commercial.

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