Toyota iQ helps Google

Very clever stuff from Toyota, aptly highlighting the compactness of the iQ.
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June 4, 2018

We are well aware that Google and it's ambitious projects have always made people wonder "How is it possible". One such thing was the Google street view. When it was launched, everyone was wondering how could they see pictures of their house or office building. The answer is that, Google uses many cars, to drive around towns, capturing pictures of buildings, which appear on google maps later.

Toyota's Marketing Innovation: Compact Solutions for Street View Challenges

Last year, when street view went to Belgium, they used the same methods, to bring the buildings on to the maps. But apparently, the cars that they used in Belgium, were too big for many streets. Toyota saw this as a marketing opportunity and went to help Google, with their iQ.

The same thing could have been possible with the Smart for two, or an Aston Martin Cygnet (which is nothing but a luxury version of the iQ). But Toyota was the one to jump at it first. Very clever stuff from Toyota, aptly highlighting the compactness of the iQ. However we are not able to understand why Toyota, a Japanese company, had to use a Kannada song as the background track, in the Belgian Market??

Image Source: Toyota FB Page

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