9 Excellent Uses of AI in Marketing

Here are 9 ways that AI is currently being used by marketing and sales teams.
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August 15, 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new trend that has taken the world of marketing and advertising by storm. Through tailored algorithms and machine learning, it is possible for AI to monitor customer behavior and data in order to serve you recommendations to help meet your desired goal. AI can assist you in understanding your customers needs better. Here are 9 ways that AI is currently being used by marketing and sales teams.
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1. Automate the Lead Qualification Process

According to the Marketing AI institute, Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify good leads. AI can filter prospective clients in order to prioritize the actions of your sales team. In other words, sales reps will only need to focus on the most profitable clients instead of sifting through every random profile available.

AI can also follow up on both prospective leads and profitable clients. This is done by sending clients automated messages before and after they have made a purchase. Messages before a sale can be interesting facts and benefits related to the product.

Messages after purchase are sent to follow up on the purchase and to find out if the client is enjoying their buying decision. This can be done by setting up a messaging system that is linked to the AI or CRM system.

2. Predictive Analytics

It’s a known fact that confident and focused sales reps can easily transition a good lead into a paying customer. The same can't be said for poor sales leads that have little interest in purchasing anything. A sales reps confidence can even be damaged by interacting with dozens of poor leads.

Predictive profiling and scoring technology assist sales reps in discovering the right prospects. Instead of following up on every single lead, sales reps can focus more on quality leads that were predicted by AI.

3. Automated Lead Scoring

AI can assist in placing a numerical value towards potential clients. The value is based on a scoring system that analyses every interaction that a lead will have with your business. This method of scoring is important to companies as it allows you to determine the amount of engagement a lead has with a business.

In most cases, companies will have to set up a scoring model for which its marketing or sales team will have to manually capture scores in order to reconcile further. However, AI-powered lead scoring can identify the most potential prospects for you. Your sales team can simply focus on the best scoring leads.

Use of AI in Marketing

4. A World of Data

Social networks, online tools, and even apps contain important customer data. This data can be used to predict how valuable each customer is to your company. More companies today are beginning to link this data to its customer database.

Predictive marketing will allow you to compile all of the data into a single AI interface. AI can also assist you in gathering the right sort of information that can help you drive sales.

5. Proactive Sales

Predictive AI marketing can use your data to predict sales and upsells. AI can monitor a client's data and plan a perfectly timed sales strategy. This helps especially those companies that have many different kinds of products and customers.

Trying to figure out what to sell to a customer can become time-consuming. The client could choose to go with your competitor.

6. Avoid Losing Customers

Artificial Intelligence (through machine learning) can use all of your companies data to create sales and marketing strategies to retain current customers. Customer retention isn’t easy to handle, especially if you are dealing with large amounts of customers.

AI can plan schedules for you to interact with your customers, such as birthdays and anniversaries. AI can also proactively contact customers in order to gain feedback from the items they purchased.

7. Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators can connect to the internet via WiFi and feature a touchscreen interface similar to a smartphone or tablet. This opens up a world of opportunities for the end user. You can create grocery lists, view recipes, and leave messages for your family to see. Smart refrigerators also create plenty of AI opportunities in the world of marketing.

A smart refrigerator can detect products that are in your fridge. This makes it possible for the refrigerator to alert you once an item such as milk is about to run out. It is also possible to develop an app for the fridge that can monitor the milk and alert the milk manufacturer once the milk is low. The manufacturer could then contact the owner and negotiate delivery of a few new cartons of milk.

8. Smart Phones

Everyone uses smartphones. These devices have the ability to receive valuable shared information from its users. Information such as specific preferences and likes towards products, movies, and lifestyle. All this information usually gets fed into mobile apps and browsers through usage.

This information can be used by mobile advertisers and social networks to better serve adverts. AI collects the usage data and serves adverts and other information relevant to the smartphone user’s preferences.

9. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps such as YouTube and Instagram rely heavily on AI-powered algorithms to drive its internal marketing campaigns. As mentioned earlier, AI helps determine the right ads that should be served to the apps users. The system at times has to work with such minimal data, such as browsing or search history. It still, however, manages to come up with relevant adverts and content.

Both YouTube and Instagram are working harder towards using AI to recommend preferred content for its users. This is done via their apps recommended content timelines which can be accessed on the homepage. Instead of serving content chronologically, these platforms serve recommended content that is best suited to satisfy its users and paid advertisers.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. Especially now in recent times. People have become accustomed to using services that include AI. This is because the main purpose of AI is not only to get a job done but to save you valuable time. AI saves you time in market research. It also saves your clients valuable time by assisting you in serving them relevant content and products. AI is here to stay. Now is the time to get into it.

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