What It Takes to Quit Your Job and Start Travelling the World

Do you want to travel the world, but don't know how to make it happen? Read this article to learn how you can start earning money online, quit your job, and travel.
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October 11, 2021

Most people today spend their entire day slaving away at their office desks. These are the sort of people who usually spend their free moments talking about how they need a holiday, or time off at the beach, which unfortunately for some, rarely happens.

Holidays are just so expensive these days. Reality check, the closest that most of your office colleagues will get to a warm beach sunset is to the wallpaper on their desktop screens!

The most common and conventional way of being able to travel and see the new places is simply to work a regular job from 8 AM to 5 PM and save up your cash and leave days. The thing is, most of us are so restricted with the pay that we come home with, there's barely anything left to save.

Most people end up blowing their holiday bonuses on home renovations and much-needed credit card payments.

There is, however, an unconventional, risky, yet somewhat logical way of earning money while traveling to destinations around your country and the rest of the world. You can make your dream to travel a reality, simply by earning money online. No this is not another ad or service announcement, plenty of people today are earning a living from doing work online.

When you are your own boss, and your laptop is your office, the sky’s the limit! Let's look into what you will need to get started.

Beginning Your Online Journey

If your office is your laptop, then you will be able to complete your daily tasks remotely from any location that has internet and power for your laptop. This means that you can ideally work on the go, making traveling to exotic destinations while you work a reality.

Travel doesn't have to be your thing, especially if you are married or a parent. However, the ability to work remotely combined with flexible hours is perfect for parents who wish to make time for their kids' extra activities.

An essential item that you will require is a decent laptop, something that is powerful enough to handle your daily tasks. Don't cheap out on a modern machine that is less powerful than an i5 processor with 8GB of RAM.

Windows 10 is a demanding operating system, anything lower than an i5 will be just to slow, even to merely handle emails and Internet browsing. Something that's snappy and boots up quickly will be perfect.

There might be times when you will have to switch your laptop on and quickly attend to some work.

Source: Pexels

If you don't have internet, then it's time that you get connected. Choose a plan that has plenty of data, as online information will be your bread and butter. If you plan on moving around a lot, then consider an additional mobile WiFi router to carry around with you (your smartphone can also do this).

Depending on the work that you do, smartphones and tablets can play a good enough role in your new business venture. Instead of chugging around a laptop all the time, you could merely handle quick and simple tasks on your smartphone or tablet which are way more portable.

You may need extra equipment depending on the industry you take on and your own personal preference. If you are looking to start an online store or travel blog, then you may need to invest in a camera.

If you love listening to music as you write, then you may want to get a decent pair of headphones. Whatever it may be, you can work your way up to your ideal setup. Now, let's take a look at some of the things that you can do to earn a living online.


Blogging is probably the most satisfying line of online work that you can do. You are in control of what you choose to write on.

You can go with any sort of niche, even something bizarre, as long as you have a plan behind monetizing your website. If you go for a fashion blog, you could post articles regularly related to the latest fashion and trends.

You could then monetize your website by serving ads (such as Google Adsense) and taking part in affiliate marketing (to name a few).

When someone visits your website and interacts with the ads and affiliate marketing, you will then earn a commission. The amount of cash you get from every transactional earning is absolutely low, which is why your website will need tons of daily readers to become profitable.

This can only happen over time as your website and audience mature, which is why the initial stages of blogging can be somewhat difficult and can take a few years before you can turn out a profit. In the end, you could possibly make money in your sleep which is why blogging can be worthwhile.


Freelancing is becoming very popular at the moment with millions of online jobs being posted daily. The concept behind online freelancing is simple; you apply for work that is posted on online freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

If successful, you complete the tasks and get paid. Most platforms serve as intermediaries in the case of any disputes. This means that people cannot hold back payments for work you did.

Before you start, you will have some sort of skill or experience in the work that you wish to apply for. People are making thousands of dollars online just from creating resumes.

However, just like blogging, it will take you time before you master your craft as a freelancer, especially if you don't have too many useful skills.

If you are starting out from scratch, then the quickest way to earn money and get some experience as a freelancer is to write articles for people. This might seem far from the dream, but writing gigs will allow you to build relationships with companies that like to outsource their work.

Online Store

We are currently undergoing a serious e-commerce boom. And I'm not talking about Amazon and eBay.

Small independent businesses are finding plenty of success by selling products online. Some companies have just a single employee! Selling products online has never been easier, and with so many options available, you are not even restricted to just your own country.

You can take things to a global scale.

Source: Pixabay

Physical Products

If you are planning on selling physical products, then you will probably need a warehouse for storage as well as a few employees to manage your inventory. Employees will have to be able to dispatch items that are ordered through your website.

You can take care of the store’s marketing and website optimization.

Digital Products

The ultimate dream would be to own a company like Netflix. If you have a Netflix account, you would probably know that every part of the Netflix experience is automated.

Yes, you still require employees for plenty of other major developmental duties. However, the point is that once you have a system set up to sell and deliver digital products while you sleep, then you could possibly be set for life.

Is Working Online For you?

Being able to make it on your own online is in no way an easy journey, nor is it always a bed of roses. There are plenty of pitfalls that you should be aware of.

It's best to prepare yourself ahead of time before you get started and to stay dedicated to the cause which will eventually pay off. The most common obstacle in all of the above jobs is that the initial setup phase can be long and without any sort of decent remuneration.

The one major downside is to be on your own is that there isn't that much job security, especially when starting out. However, it's all about risk and doing something of your own instead of just working for someone.

We work hard for other people hoping for job security, but we all know that nothing is guaranteed.

You have to put in the hard work early on if you wish to set up fantastic online businesses. Once you do so, then you can simply manage your affairs remotely from your laptop.

No answering to bosses who turn down your leave. Now you can travel when you please. If done correctly, you can earn enough to visit those destinations you always dreamed of seeing.

So what are you waiting for?

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