Why Should Marketers Use QR Codes?

You may see QR codes on magazines, billboards, or even on someone's T-shirt.
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April 27, 2018

You must have heard people talking about QR codes and how marketers are increasingly using it to leverage business. Lets see what these QR codes are and how it can help a business.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a matrix type barcode, which was first designed in Japan. QR is short for Quick Response(They can be read quickly by a smart phone). QR codes are used to take information from a particular medium and put it on to your cellphone. You may see QR codes on magazines, billboards, or even on someone's T-shirt. Once the cellphone reads the code, it may give you information about the business(allowing users to search nearby locations), or display information about the person wearing the T-shirt, or direct you to a URL or website.

This is how a QR Code looks. This is a QR code for Marketing FAQ homepage. (Try scanning this QR code)

Marketing FAQ quick response code

How does a cell phone read the QR code?

For a cellphone to recognize and read QR codes, it needs a QR code reader. There are many readers available in the internet, reliable ones like Kaywa will fit the bill. An iPhone, or Android user can download the reader in under 5 minutes and install them on their phones.

How to generate a QR code?

You can generate QR code on the internet using Kaywa.com. If you have a knowledgeable developer, you can use the Open source code to get the QR code. Google also has its QR code generator.

How could you use QR codes?

Every business, small or large can use QR codes and benefit from its features. QR codes can be used in advertisements, invitations, posters, cards, brochures, containing:

  • Product Details
  • Event Details
  • Link to website
  • Twitter, Facebook IDs
  • Link to a video

Here is an example of how a business card company is using QR codes

Here are few more examples as to how QR codes are being used.Will Customers use them?

The answer is both yes and no. The world is seeing a radical change in the way people communicate. One of the most evident ones being the surge in the number of smartphone users. People are increasingly becoming technology friendly, and are more eager than ever, to extract the best benefits that technology has to offer. QR codes will be used by such tech-savvy people, who will be more receptive to your social presence on Facebook, Twitter and your website.

However, a marketer should be careful in how QR codes are used. Forbes says that QR code is the most abused technology of 2011. This is primarily because of the reason that marketers are not fully aware about how to use QR codes, or resort to pandemic use of the same. This might annoy your customers, and might backfire.

QR codes like any other technology, if used wisely will boost your internet presence, even when you are advertising out of the internet.

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