10 Marketing Facts Every Marketer Should Know

April 27, 2018

If you are a manufacturer of a mobile device which the world will rave about in the future, or a local juice shop, or you want to brand yourself, no matter what you wish to market, here are few facts which you should not miss! These are pointers which will help you think your marketing plan through and align it with the higher goals of your business:

  • People are human beings and like to be treated as such. Don't treat people as prospects, don't treat them as demographic groups.
  • Getting a person to say yes to a sale works best if you establish momentum first with lesser questions to which it is easy to danswer yes.
  • Misconception: Marketing should entertain and amuse.  Show business should entertain and amuse. Marketing should sell. Winning marketing awards for your advertising does not mean more profits in your pocket.
  • Your customers will be buying a lot more than merely your product or service. They are buying your personality, your reputation, your service, and your status in the community.
  • Children are influencing family purchases more today than ever. These are the results of more mothers working and children's greater access to media.
  • Misconception: Marketing should be changed every few years to keep it fresh and new. Fact: The longer your marketing promotes your product or service, the better, e.g. Amul
  • Misconception:Word-of-mouth marketing is all a great business needs.  Businesses no longer depend on word of mouth alone. They need to be marketing all the time with a variety of tools.
  • Misconception: Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Fact: Bad publicity is bad for your business! With on-line services such as the Internet, millions of people can get to know about bad publicity. Have an action plan in place for such contingencies.
  • People will remember the most fascinating part of your marketing and not necessarily your product or service.
  • Misconception: Repetition of a marketing message is boring. Fact: It may be boring to you, but it won't be boring to your prospects and customers.

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