Social Media Marketing

An Open Letter to Consumers

June 1, 2018

We cover brands. But today, I think we must digress a bit and discuss usage of brands. Strictly from a consumer, to a consumer.

LinkedIn had already gained enough popularity by the time Facebook launched. We were in awe of finally being able to use technology to connect and network professionally. This was a very powerful tool and with this realization began the golden age for LinkedIn.

And then came Facebook. A much cooler and refined Orkut with features smart enough to eliminate the random users. Next, came the social media wave where brands decided to exploit it as much as possible and Facebook welcomed them with open arms.

No business can stagnate and LinkedIn had to find new methods to expand in the meantime. So, they borrowed ideas from Facebook and implemented the status, like and comment features. But, the idea is still to retain LinkedIn as your professional network.

Lately, we see many people confusing the two. Here are tips to ensure you use the two brands as they should be and all they can offer –

  • Use a professional picture. No not with your family. You must look employable / approachable.
  • Do not link your twitter feed to your Linkedin profile unless you limit it to your work.
  • And, the golden rule, no comments that do not reflect your professional mindset.

Many of us, in the heat of the moment have heated discussions via comments on LinkedIn. This can be a fatal mistake as all our previous conversations can be tracked. You might not want your potential employer to trace these comments.

Lets take a pledge today to clean up our LinkedIn profile and retain the sanctity of this professional network. I got my job through LinkedIn, did you?

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