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Apple iPad Mini: Same Wine, Smaller Bottle

April 28, 2018

So the iPad mini launched.

And the whole tech world exploded in a collective orgasm that only Apple can incite. The apple fan-boys drooled, the android army fumed and the rest of the world threw money at apple to lap up the latest, smaller, better, faster (you know the drill) member of the i-family. Along with the iPad mini, they also launched the "new iPad" which no one saw coming, because the last "new iPad" was launched 6 months ago. Maybe Apple bought a new coffer that needed filling. People who had bought the previous iPad thinking that they will be in the hip category for a year at least deservedly felt betrayed. Now they will have to cough up more to be in-sync with the hipsters. And cough they did, helping Apple to sell out 3 million of them within a weekend.

But make no mistake even though Apple is playing catch up with the competition and  faces stiff competition. It will take a really long time and something really extraordinary  to knock Apple of its perch. Apple has hordes of die hard fans, which they have painstakingly acquired by consistently shipping magical products that have redefined what technology really means. Apple knows what problems it is solving for their customers and they do it with beautiful intuitive products that people can fall in love with. But its not only the products that has helped Apple become the biggest brand in the world, it is also their marketing nous, which was in full display when they launched the iPad mini.

Simple, elegant and beautiful, just like the product it is trying to sell. A coherent message that permeates from the company, to the product and to the marketing message. That is the true genius of Apple. Always being true to their DNA in whatever they do. You cant help but fall in love with it. In a simple and yet elegant way they promised to the customers that the iPad mini will deliver the same value to them as the iPad did, albeit in a smaller package. But there in lies the underlying message that Apple has peaked. That they have nothing new or innovative to add to the iPad mini. Once a company starts projecting safe and reliable over innovative and cutting edge, you know that it is slowing down.

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