BMW Shows Off with Tom Cruise

June 2, 2018

Watched Mission Impossible 4 yet? Whether you know your way around an automobile or not, a pang of jealousy is common when Tom Cruise jumped behind the wheel of the car, that looked suspiciously like a spaceship. What wouldn’t you give to drive one of those?

This was an intentional move by BMW. Their communication strategy is product placement in movies. They pick films that can bring out the character of their cars and allow them to be written into the script naturally rather than forcefully placing them at different points. The i8 and 6 series have a large role to play in the movie, while the BMW X3 SAV also makes an appearance. The BMW i8 line is the automaker’s upcoming hybrid collection. The Vision Dynamics is the first model to arrive from the i8 collection. Pricing has not yet been released. BMW’s 6-series cars feature a 6-cylinder engine and TwinPower Turbo technology and come complete with a Bang & Olufsen surround sound system. Prices start at $73,600.

There’s more. They have followed up the product placement with a campaign titled “Mission to Drive.” This included a print, online and in-store campaign.

The connect with the brand was achieved by the fast paced movie script, action and excitement which is similar to the BMW’s brand attributes.

This is BMW’s way of invading your thoughts and push to purchase or mentally making a note to buy one if you can’t afford it now.

Feature image Credit: Pixabay

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