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Do The Impossible with Thums Up

June 1, 2018

The new Thums Up ad has been stirring a lot of publicity. For some reason there is a heavy mixed opinion around this TVC.

Here's why this ad is awesome -

Thums Up has been one brand that was has stuck to its vision of being daring and adventurous through all its creative. In the cola wars, this brand has managed to stay distinct and can chew away any competition. There is no close substitute. There's Pepsi vs Coke, Miranda vs Fanta, Thums Up vs ?

So far, they had an idol to follow - Akshay Kumar. He fit the brand persona like a glove. But with this ad, they have probably done the impossible of breaking into the thought of "you can be this." While the lead character is still a celebrity in Tollywood - Mahesh Babu, one can still identify themselves with doing the impossible.

So, while many others debate the plausibility of covering a thirty minute ride in 3 minutes, we still say the thought is bang on. From the team, this ad gets a Thums Up!

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