Introducing Artificial Intelligence To Soaring Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email content is probably the most critical factor that will determine the success of your email marketing campaign.
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October 10, 2018
Artificial Intelligence in marketing is beginning to ramp things up in a huge way now in 2018. Companies are finding new ways to automate complex and time-consuming marketing research and work by implementing AI. AI is helping companies shorten the time taken to research and implement email campaigns. In doing so, allowing companies the opportunity to focus more on the actual email campaign.
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Using artificial intelligence to automate your marketing efforts isn't as complicated as it may sound, but it's also not straightforward. Marketing automation doesn't mean replacing your marketing department with software. It means investing money and time into a system that can revolutionize the way you market your business.

Email marketing is a highly effective and free way of directing traffic back to your website. If done correctly, your website’s sales process will be converting email visitors into paid customers. However, to effectively do so, you will need to know your customers well.

This way you will be able to serve them the right sort of emails, increasing your conversion rate. Here’s what AI can do in regards to researching and implementing your email marketing campaign.

Email Content

Email content is probably the most critical factor that will determine the success of your email marketing campaign. The content that you choose to display on your emails can bring customers closer to you or even drive them away from you. Determining what to write or display in your marketing emails is in no way an easy feat. What is great for one person can be terrible for another.

Every aspect of your marketing email has to be enticing for the majority of your recipients. From subject line to images, to the actual copy, does it sound too much like a sales pitch? The idea is to lead your potential customers back to your website and products. To determine all of this, you will need to tweak and test your emails continuously. AI can help with this.

It's best to have a few variations of subject lines and body copy on hand so that you can swap out and mix combinations to determine which is the best combination. This process of testing is time-consuming and can be prone to human error with room for lapses of judgment. AI tech can enable you to learn which combination of your content works best.

This means that AI can assist you in cutting down the time spent in  A/B testing, which means that you can realize revenue faster. This is much needed for businesses that run email campaigns over a short duration of time and need results quickly. Some software is pre-programmed to select the ideal content for your specific campaign right from the start. This means that it is possible to eliminate the whole testing process.

Frequency and Sending Times

Not everyone checks their emails at the same time. However, marketers in the past have made general assumptions on the right moment to send out emails. An example would be to either send out emails in the morning or late afternoon. The truth is, each individual has different habits.

Understanding the habits of each of your subscribers is probably going to take up all of your time as you continuously test away and analyze the results. The results will definitely be worth it, but the time spent can be agonizing. Fortunately, it is possible to automate this entire process which can be run using AI.

AI can test and figure out when is the ideal time of the day to send out emails to each and every subscriber. This can be determined through each subscribers engagement history. As the software collects the engagement data, it can then adjust the send time in real time.

Machine learning technology makes it possible to understand all of the preferences of an extensive list of subscribers. Even the frequency at which people will engage with your emails can be determined. It may take a few more emails to convert one person, but that same amount of emails may drive another person away. AI can assist in determining and sending the correct amount of emails to recipients.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Crush Email Marketing

Email Campaigns and Offers

Different people react to different kinds of promotional offers and marketing campaigns. It doesn't necessarily mean that people from the same demographic will respond positively to the same sort of offers. Some people shop only for the latest must-have goods while others will only ever buy a product online that is on sale.

It is essential to understand the difference between these people. It is possible to offend these people by sending them the wrong sort of promotional emails. Having the right kind of AI tool in place can help analyze and determine your customers' behavior. This will allow you the opportunity to match your current promotions with the right sort of customers instead of sending the same email to everyone while offending some.

A way of achieving this is by allowing AI technology to analyze your customers' purchase history, as well as abandoned carts. This way, the software can determine which of your current promotions and campaigns are best suited for each individual subscriber. In doing so, you will be able to send out much more targeted emails to your customers.

A marketer's daily duties will undoubtedly change after implementing AI automation. They will no longer need to focus mostly on market research. Instead, your marketing team can concentrate more on creating relevant and effective campaigns for your products/services. Automation in business is the way to go. Artificial intelligence is beginning to change the whole automation game.

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