Grow Your Brand like an Expert with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in the past few years. It's an advanced marketing method. Learn how to grow your brand like an expert.
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October 24, 2022

Influencer marketing has become extremely popular in the last few years. It is an advanced marketing technique that big brands are currently in love with.

A social media star with tons of followers wears your brand's clothing or uses your brand's products in their social media posts and videos.

This method exposes your products to the influencers already established and have large audiences. Let's take a more in-depth look at how your brand can get the most out of influencer marketing.

Image credits: American Australian Association Art Awards. Zendaya wearing Christopher Esber

Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Traditional online advertising through Google AdWords is technically an effective way to advertise your brand’s products.  

You create an ad campaign and then ask Google to show that ad all over the internet. Some places include search engines, websites, and blogs.

However, our younger generation of online users, teenagers, and young adults, don't respond too well to these ads. About 70% of this audience uses ad blockers on their computers and mobile devices.  

This poses a problem if you wish to market to these people in the hopes of building a strong relationship with a younger demographic.  

In general, about 30% of people also use ad blockers. This means that there will be tons of missed opportunities when advertising a product that is aimed towards a person who is using an ad blocker.  

This is why finding an alternative means of exposure is important.

Seeing that a lot of people are tired of ads in general and try their best to skip ads with ad blockers, then advertising within the content they consume is the next best thing.  

This way you expose your brand to an audience in an organic way. The best way to achieve this is through influencer marketing.

What Makes a Person an Influencer?

In short, an influencer is a person who has an incredible amount of followers and social credibility. Their opinions matter as their lives is always under their follower's microscopes.  

The concept of an influencer on social networks is new, but influencers have been around for a while now.

The reason influencers are great for marketing is that they gain massive amounts of consistent exposure on a daily basis. Their followers are in most cases niche orientated which makes figuring out their interests easy.  

Choosing the right influencer and audience for your brand can also be seen as a quick way to find a target audience for your products.

Working With Influencers

Firstly, it is imperative that you select an influencer that represents your brand well. They will become somewhat as an ambassador of your brand.  

Their online persona has to be in line with your brand's online marketing persona, which should be similar to the persona of one of your customers.

Source: Pexels  

They will be using and showcasing your products, so technically they are your customers too as they are benefiting from your product. Also, try not to restrict an influencer too much.  

Do not set too many defining conditions for using your product. This could drastically adjust their persona that may not settle well with their followers.

On the other hand, it is important to do your homework first before hiring an influencer. They might be an excellent fit for your brand, but they could be difficult to work.  

Try to get in touch with any of their past clients and see if they are willing to share their experiences with you.

Start Off Small

There's currently a huge marketing focus on influencers at the moment. Influencers command plenty of attention from their large groups of followers.

They also command large salaries. Brands are paying thousands to get featured in influencers posts.

This is not good news for smaller brands who just don't have it in their budget to work with major influencers. However, smaller brands can indeed work with micro-influencers, people who have a decent following on social media but are not megastar influencers.

You could begin an affiliate program with these micro-influencers and simply offer commissions on every sale they refer to you. You can also offer them a commission on every free e-book, webinar, or mail subscriber they get you.  

Letting your influencer hand out free eBooks to their followers can increase your brand's value with their followers.

Use Different Social Networks

Every social network has its own influencer superstars. Different influencers on different social networks have different followers.  

Instagram might be the social network that is hot at the moment, but it is possible that your brand won't fit well with the kind of users on that platform.

Research and experiment with as many social networks as possible. YouTube has risen to become one of the largest social platforms in the world. Influencers on YouTube have become very successful recently with millions of followers.  

Brands are successfully using influencers to promote their products within their vlogs.

Case Study: D Brand Skins

D Brand manufactures high-quality smartphone skins that are available for worldwide delivery. They can ship their product to probably any destination on the planet.  

Their business model and plan is perfect, but how can they let everyone in the world know that they even exist?

One of D Brand’s primary marketing strategies is to use influencer marketing on YouTube. D Brand approaches more than a dozen different influencers on the platform who each gain millions of views (on each of their videos) from different countries across the globe.

Source: dbrand  

People all over the world are interested in smartphones. That is why they all take to YouTube to see a review of the latest Apple or OnePlus smartphone.  

That is why D Brand sponsors influencers so that they can simply add D Brand skins to the smartphones that they review. D Brand also partners with the same influencers for giveaways, which help the company to gain more new followers.

Working with influencers is a totally different ballgame when compared to social media and search engine advertising. You will have to deal with a few different people now instead of just one social media platform.

There is no standard way or rates when it comes to dealing with influencers as each person has their own way of conducting business. Keep looking until you find an influencer that works best for you and then continue to grow a relationship with them.

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