Here's Why You Need To Start Retargeting Your Audience

Everything you need to know about these two important factors of retargeting marketing is below.
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November 13, 2018
Acquiring new customers and new sources of traffic for an online store can be a difficult task to accomplish. It can also be costly if you choose to go the paid traffic route. Whatever the case may be, the truth is, that it is easier for your store to market its products to people who already have an idea of what your brand is about. This is why it is always a good idea to retarget your audience.

Before you get started with your retargeting campaign it is important to know who you are retargeting. Timing is also another important factor when it comes to retargeting customers. Everything you need to know about these two important factors of retargeting marketing is below.

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Retarget the Right People

It is important to understand the type of visitors that you are retargeting. Visitors to different parts of your sales process need to be persuaded differently. This is why you should segment your audience and develop different marketing strategies for the different kinds of customers listed below.

Repeat Customers

The core objective of every business should be to acquire and maintain clients who will purchase products and services on a continuous basis. In other words, repeat business is the kind of business you want.

This is why it is important to show love to the customers that love you. Continuously try to engage and communicate with shoppers who have already purchased goods from your store. If a customer hasn't been to your website in a while, tell them that you miss them by sending them a coupon or discount code.

Customers With Abandoned Carts

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Abandoned shopping carts occur when a customer has placed items from your store into their cart but never completed the checkout process. These potential customers are seen as lost sales as their actual purchase may have been interrupted for some reason. According to Barilliance, Cart abandonment has slowly crept up to just under 80% in the last few years.

Retargeting and emailing people with abandoned carts is a great way to remind them of the products that they are interested in. These customers are already in your sales process and have already been introduced to your brand and products. If done correctly, you will be able to recover a good percentage of abandoned cart customers.

People Who Recently Visited the Store

This can be people who have been to your site recently. They are still getting the hang of your brand and what you have to offer them. If you have info on the products they were browsing, then send them suggestions based on similar products.

For example, if they showed interest in a particular superhero movie, then suggest products related to the movie. This can be another movie within the same cinematic universe or even a sequel.If you get the keywords and genre right, then you could offer comic books, clothing, or even official movie merch related to the movie.

First Timers

These are leads who have just entered your sales funnel and are at the beginning of their purchase journey. The reason they are on your website is that your store offers something that they are very interested in.

In most cases, these visitors will leave without buying anything. One of the reasons could be not having enough trust in your brand or store. You will have to gain your customers' trust first in order to properly market your products to these people.

A simple way in which to achieve some level of trust is to allow visitors to your website to post reviews and recommendations. Even allowing comments can be a good way for customers and yourself to communicate which will, in turn, increase their levels of trust with you.

Get Your Timing Right

Timing is everything when retargeting customers. At times you will have to be quick, especially with cart abandoners. And there are times when you need to wait a bit before you can market your store again without sounding like a trashy salesman.

Sand clock -timing

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Be Aware Of A Perishable Life Cycle

If your store does sell perishable items such as printer cartridges, paper, and stationery, you could try and retarget customers who buy these products around the end of the lifespan of the product. An example would be to try and calculate how long a business takes to finish a printer cartridge.

You could even develop a program or an agreement between you and the business that allows you to check in with them when the cartridge is low. It is possible to link a printer’s cartridge data to another external PC.

This way your company will know when a printer is low on ink and can then market a new cartridge for the company. This small initiative can be seen as a simple service that you are prepared to offer clients in return for repeat business.

Market During Special Occasions

Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July are perfect times to market to your customers without seeming to forceful. This means that you can use the special holiday as an excuse to engage with your customer. This is why it is a good idea to work on special offers during holiday periods.

Even a customer’s birthday is a perfect chance to ask them to come on over to your website. Offer them a discount code to use on their birthday as a sweet gesture. People will appreciate this and will also want to spoil themselves on their favorite day of the year.

Re-targeting your audience

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Be Considerate

It is hard work coming up with different kinds of email marketing campaigns for your store, but it is all worth it. Creating specific emails to sell products to specific people can lead to more traffic and future sales. However, bombarded customers with these emails every day, especially of products that they have no interest to, will drive them away.

It is easy to fall into the trap of testing all of your emails that you put a lot of time into designing. The thing is, your customers don't want to be guinea pigs. Try to be as relevant as possible and send offers only when it’s the right time to do so.

The situation is a bit different if your customers have subscribed to your store's email list in order to receive all the offers. However, frequency also plays a role here and sending mail too often can also hurt your store's reputation. Always make sure that your emails have an option to unsubscribe.

It will be a while until you start to see some really good results from retarget marketing. It takes a lot of testing and learning before a store can find a decent routine. It is important to note that a store must have a solid sales funnel in place. It's no use bringing people back to your website only to lose them because of an inefficient sales funnel.

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