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Explore innovative strategies and unique approaches to brand differentiation that go beyond simply emulating your competitors.


What is Brand Journalism?

Explore the world of brand journalism and its role in building trust and credibility in today's advertising landscape.

Print/Outdoor Ads

4 Interesting Ads That Make You Look Twice: Part-1

Learn about luxury brands' attempt at product placement in "Breaking Dawn" and the challenges they faced.


5 Must Know Marketing and Sales Factors: Part-7

Understand the various factors that make up the marketing environment, including micro and macro forces.


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5 Branding Trends for now and Beyond

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What is Rebranding and why is it Done?

Explore the art of rebranding and how it involves strategic changes in elements like colors, logos, messaging, and more to revitalize a brand's image, whether for products, corporate entities, or personalities.


6 Steps to Follow for Successful Rebranding

A rebranding effort which is grounded in thorough research of the market, consumer base, latest trends and technology, and competitors leaves little room for error.


What is Product Placement?

Product placement is a complex process that involves a lot of in-depth research and intricate analysis of the target audience and their preferred entertainment media.


What is Personal Branding?

In other words, it revolves around creating, maintaining, and, if need be, modifying the image of a person.

TV/Video Ads

Flipkart Wins Again!

Flipkart has created a line of sequel to their existing campaign with kids playing the "elder" role.

Brand Stories

50 Years Of Gastronomical Excellent: The Best Dindigul Biryani

Brands can and do exist in smaller markets, carving a niche for themselves.


Converting Brand Loyals with Customer Service: A Shell Experience

I would like to write about a pleasant fueling experience that I had this evening.


BMW Shows Off with Tom Cruise

This was an intentional move by BMW. Their communication strategy is product placement in movies.

TV/Video Ads

Do The Impossible with Thums Up

Thumbs Up has been one brand that was has stuck to its vision of being daring and adventurous through all its creative.


Mad Men Meets Jaguar

Do you think extreme shows like this damage the brand appeal or will it be accepted as fiction?